Paper FAQs

All sales are final. No cancellations, returns, or exchanges can be accepted. If physical products from your order arrive damaged, let us know by emailing us, and we will happily provide a solution! We do not offer exchanges or refunds for digital products under any circumstances.
Orders are processed as soon as they are received so unfortunately the chances of being able to change your shipping address after an order has been submitted are slim. You’re welcome to email us and we will try our best to get your address updated but we can’t guarantee it.
At this time, we can only accept orders from the U.S. We are working hard to accommodate international orders in the future! Our digital products are available worldwide.
Items that are pre-ordered on September 3 will begin shipping in November. Thank you for your patience :)

Our business days are Tuesday-Friday and we pack orders in the order in which they were received.

I promise that we are over here having epic dance parties and watching Gilmore Girls (for the 100th time) as we work hard to pack your orders each and every business day to get them in your hands ASAP!

Once your order ships, you can track it with the tracking number that is emailed to you.

When items are ordered outside of pre-orders, they typically ship within 3-5 business days.
We work with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to get your planning goodies delivered safely to your doorstep.
Treat it like your BFF...because it is! The more you use your planner, the more wear it will have. WE LOVE THIS because it means that you are using your planner to its full potential and Hustling Sanely your way through the year!

But if you want to keep your planner looking as pretty as possible follow these guidelines:

⋒ Close your planner from front to back (the spiral really appreciates it). And if you have a daily planner, we recommend closing the planner in sections to protect the spiral.

⋒ Don’t stack heavy objects on your planner (the spiral doesn’t appreciate that very much)

⋒ When you’re on the go with your planner, we suggest popping it in its own protective bag to keep the glossy cover from getting scratched up

⋒ Always store your planner in a cool, dry place (we know you know this BUT we just had to say it)