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Planners & journals that help you ditch overwhelm and live a peacefully productive life

Hustle Sanely® tools equip busy women to create schedules that support them so they can accomplish their goals without sacrificing their mental health and relationships.

Meet the Peacefully Productive Journal

A guided journal that helps you go from staring at a blank page to letting the words freely flow so you can work toward your goals without sacrificing your mental health and relationships. You’ll love it because the:

✔️ Guided morning and evening pages equip you to assess how you’re feeling, practice gratitude, and keep your mindset in tip top shape
✔️ Daily free write page gives you space to sort through your mental clutter so you can focus on what matters most
✔️ Monthly prep and reflection pages help you can make some serious progress on your goals without sacrificing your mental health and relationships
✔️ Journal comes with access to a library of prompts so you are never stuck staring at a blank page again

What makes us different from other planner companies?

Our planners, journals, and courses teach you how to live the Hustle Sanely lifestyle so you can kiss your overwhelming to-do list goodbye and spend your time on things that actually matter.

We use the 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely to get you there:

Hustle Sanely 5

Hustle Sanely 5 (HS5) is a list of 5 intentional things that the Hustle Sanely community does every day to make sure we’re focusing our best time + energy on things that actually align with our goals and values. Think of HS5 as your daily action steps to living a peacefully productive life. Here’s what they are:


Get your mindset right


Get clear on your vision


Define your priorities


Create your routines + schedule


Implement Hustle Sanely 5 every day

Our planning tools have The 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely built right in so all you have to do is show up!

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