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Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®
Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®

Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®

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Thank you for your interest in the Hustle Sanely® Digital 2024 Weekly Peacefully Productive Planner®. This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will not receive anything in the mail but will have access to an instant download.

Our best-selling planner helps you reach your goals while prioritizing real self-care so you don't hit burnout!

Want to see a video scroll through of this planner? Check out the listing photos!

~ Landscape Orientation
~ Dated
~ Monday start

Are you ready to have the best year ever? Then go ahead and click "ADD TO CART" because you need this planner! The Peacefully Productive Planner® isn't just a planner but a tool that helps you create your most peacefully productive life by helping you get your mindset right, get clear on your vision, define your priorities, and create schedules and routines that support you.

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This is a 2024 weekly planner with functional tabs. Check out the listing photos to see up-close views of some of the spreads.

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⋒ All tabs are functional: includes a hyperlinked index (with space to write what each of your 3 customizable tabs are used for); every week is hyperlinked to its corresponding weekly spread on the monthly calendar

⋒ 20+ pages filled with encouragement, trainings, & exercises to help you prep for your best year ever (vision planning, morning + evening routine builder, quarterly weekly routine builder, priority chart, goal tracker, vision board, & more)

⋒ Yearly planning spread to keep track of important dates and events

⋒ List of 2024 holidays

⋒ Each quarter has a planning page to keep track of important dates and goals for each month and a personal and professional catch-all task list. There is also a weekly routine outline page for each quarter so you can create a weekly routine that supports you in every season.

⋒ Each month has a beautiful inspiring quote page, a monthly prep page to make sure you are prioritizing your mental health and relationships while you pursue your goals, a S.W.I.T.C.H. goal planning page (they're all together at the beginning of the planner), a designated notes page, and a monthly calendar with holidays

⋒ Each weekly spread has space for: Top 3 tasks, Task list, Rest planner, and a Habit tracker. Each day on the weekly spread has space for: Time blocking (5 AM - 10 PM), customizable blank space for to-dos/dinner/gratitude/etc., Hustle Sanely 5™  planner: Focus 3 tasks, Move for 30 minutes, Tidy for 15 minutes, Kind thing for yourself, Kind thing for someone else

⋒ A blank page spread, a blank dotted page spread, a blank graph page spread, and a blank lined paper spread so you can copy/paste whichever type of paper you want to use throughout the planner

⋒ End of Year Reflection exercise

⋒ 3 blank tabs so you can customize your planner


Zip file with:
1. Read Me First instruction/tip sheet PDF file
2. Planner PDF file

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    We use this product with GoodNotes but check out the FAQs above to see if our products work with your program/device. There is also a link to our video tutorial library where you can learn how to add inserts to your planner if you need help.

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    This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will not receive anything in the mail but will have access to an instant download.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Gross
Buy this, even if there's only 2 months left of the year!!

I got this digital planner in March because my weightloss coach recommended it to me for my biz- (thanks Billie). Even though I invested in a $$$ paper planner for the year it just wasn't working to get my adhd-new-entrepreneur-homesteader-artist brain organized.

Why I LOVE and RECOMMEND this planner...
1. It helps me realize that I can only get so much done in a day and makes it easy AF to prioritize and get them done ... even if I have a day where I don't stick to my schedule.
2. The design of the weekly layout in horizontal make it EASY AF to plan my week and get all my ideas out and organize them in one place! - I use an iPad, GoodNotes, and I have both a magic keyboard and pen ... I LOVE the option to use both. When I plan my week I type things in and move them all around the screen. During the week I write, adjust, and erase. It's the freedom that I've always wanted with a digital calendar but the benefits for my brain of a paper planner.
3. This works for both my business and my life together. It's thoughtfully put together and has really everything I need to organize the chaos inside my brain. I'm pretty hard to please with planners - I've been designing my own for years (just for personal use). I literally have no notes.

So, if you're struggling to feel like you've 'got it all together' in October 2024 .... This planner is worth $10 a month so you can start 2025 off feeling like you're all that.

I've never listened to the podcast or done anything else with Hustle Sanely other than purchasing this planner - but I plan on starting now after a few months of using this planner. The simple principles and notes are very encouraging and helpful vs. many of the cumbersome and time-consuming systems I've used.

Natalie Zook
Best planner EVER

Hustle Sanely planners never disappoint, and this year’s planner is no different. Everything in the planner is so intentional, and I am very excited to start using it for 2024!

Rachel Fulton
Love the digital planner!

This is my second year with a Hustle Sanely digital planner and I LOVE the addition of the spiral in the middle this year! The pages load fast and are beautiful and clear! I love all the Keys pages to get set up for the next year as well. It's all so perfect. My only feedback would be that the planning boxes on the left side of the daily pages are smaller than the ones on the right side. The habit tracker and everything on that first column could maybe be extended to match the margins on the right side of the page and give a little more writing room. Otherwise I'm SO in love with it this year!

Switched from Print to Digital—LOVE

I used the print planner from hustle sanely last year and LOVED it. In a season of wedding planning and then adjusting to life post marriage it gave me the structure I needed to make sure everything was taken care of and left me more at peace. I went with the digital planner for 2024 and recently started setting it up for the year and I have to say I LOVE it just as much if not more. It’s easy to navigate and use. As a recovering perfectionist it’s also fun to be able to edit my own handwriting. LOL. I love that I can insert a digital version of my vision board and know it’ll be easier for me to take on the go. I’m also anticipating sending screenshots weekly to my husband which will definitely help keep us on the same page. Thank you, Jess, for offering digital and print planners. It’s such a blessing to have a options!

Felicia L
The absolute best planning products I have ever used!

I have always loved using planners and all of the pens but have never really found a planner I stuck to using on a consistent bases. I’m a believer in hustle sanely products because I can count on myself to use them every single day and never get bored with them.