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2022 Shipping Updates


If you’re wondering, “Where is my planner/journal/notepad?” -- Keep reading ↓

First of all, we are so grateful for your support and your patience right now! When you made your order, there was a note in each product description stating that we are expected to start shipping things out mid-November 📦

This is a weird year when it comes to shipping — there are a lot of delays happening right now with sea freight and our inventory is shipped via sea freight.

We are praying that the inventory makes it down to us by mid-November and will keep you posted as we get updates. If you’re a praying kinda gal, we’d love if you’d partner with us in prayer for a quick & safe arrival of inventory! HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER, HUSTLE SANELY SQUAD ✨

Below you will find updates as we receive new information.


We have started shipping your Hustle Sanely goodies, woooo!!! The wait is almost over 👏🏼 Hustle Sanely BFF orders will be packed first and then we will be going down the line to package orders in the order they came in. Our big packing party weekend is Friday 11/19/21 - Monday 11/22/21 so be on the lookout for a tracking number to hit your inbox!


We received word that we will be receiving our inventory 11/10/21! 🎉 We will be working to organize it the week of 11/15/21 and will begin packing and shipping orders 10/19/21! YAY! We will be packing orders in the order in which they were placed. WE CAN'T WAIT!


We received word from our manufacturer that the shipping agent has gotten our inventory off of the vessel and loaded onto the delivery truck. We are still waiting to hear when the truck will be leaving New York to head to Florida for final delivery to our warehouse.


GOOD NEWS: our inventory has hit land! It’s actually in New York, waiting to be loaded on a truck and sent to us down in Florida! We promise that we are just as eager as you to get the inventory in our hands so we can pack it up with love and get it to your doorsteps 💌 In fact, our owner, Jess, emails both our manufacturer and the shipping agent daily for updates 🤪😂 

We were scheduled to receive inventory 10/25/21 but there was a delay with the vessel arriving to the port and that created a delay in the unloading process once inventory arrived at the port.