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Jessica Massey

Hi, I’m Jess, the gal behind Hustle Sanely®!

Our tools help busy women create schedules that support them so they can accomplish their goals without sacrificing their mental health + relationships.

Raise your hand if your to-do list is alarmingly long and leaves you feeling…
✔ Anxious in the evenings because of how much you have to do tomorrow
✔ Overwhelmed by tedious tasks and unable to focus on what truly matters
✔ Burnt out because you’ve overcommitted (again)
✔ Exhausted and unable to enjoy quality time with your loved ones
✔ Frantic - like you're on a hamster wheel - moving but not making progress

If burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion are your norm, I’ve got good news for you:
that is not how you were created to live!

Hustling Sanely is an overall wellness approach to living a peacefully productive life.

Hustle Sanely planners, journals + courses equip you to overcome mindset blocks, define your priorities, manage your time, and honor your energy so you can pursue your goals without sacrificing your mental health + relationships.

But how exactly do you do that?
By following The 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely:

Hustle Sanely 5:


Get your mindset right


Get clear on your vision


Define your priorities


Create your routines + schedule


Implement Hustle Sanely 5 every day

 The Hustle Sanely Handbook

Your go-to guide for living a peacefully productive life all year long

New around here?Hustle Sanely Handbook

The 47-page Hustle Sanely Handbook is your interactive blueprint for living your most peacefully productive life. It’s everything you need in one place to get started with the 5 Keys and living Hustle Sanely lifestyle!

Are you ready to ditch your overwhelming to-do list once and for all? 👇🏼

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Ready to start Hustling Sanely? Choose a course:

Hustle Sanely Program

A time + energy management live group coaching program that teaches you how to apply the 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely to your life

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Create Your Peacefully Productive Schedule Course

A course where you learn how to create weekly and daily schedules so you can pursue your goals without sacrificing your mental health + relationships

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Dream It. Do It. Workshop

A course that walks you through a series of exercises to help you get clear on your dream and then create a plan to make it happen

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